Starting A Veggie Garden @ WBU

How to grow your own patch of freshness in the southwest.
Mar 28th
Thursday, 5:30 – 7:30pm
(near Souper Salad and Comic Book store)
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In this fun gardening class, attendees will learn all the workings involved with starting your own vegetable garden.  Basil isn’t the only edible thing that grows great in the heat of the southwest.  Garden Coach Vynnie McDaniels will share his well-honed skills demonstrating plant selection, supplies to buy, simple watering solutions, soil prep and much more.

Why waste a weekend or two hunting and searching for answers to you questions of figuring out all the what-where-how?  This step-by-step class will show you how to set-up your garden and get those veggies growing right away for a great gardening season of success.  Vynnie will also feature a beavy of tips from his new ebook “Starting Your Own Veggie Garden“.

This workshop is ideal for gardening beginners, seasoned green-thumbs, scarecrows, and orno-thusiasts. All attendees with receive Vynnie’s Backyard Wildlife Gardening Guide as well as in-store shopping discounts!

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Starting your own veggieStep-by-Step!

Starting your own veggie garden –
step by step!