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Composting – Quick & Easy

Ever wanted to compost but not sure of how to start?  You might be surprised to know you may already be composting. Got a bag of lawn clippings?  Done!  You’re composting!  You don’t need a fancy bin-spiny-thingy, just a big … Continue reading

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Cold. REALLY Cold.

Waaah!  I know, we don’t see ‘real’ cold here in Phoenix.  But for us cactus, tomato, and pepper growing types, it’s fah-reezing!  And it’s gonna get colder. Even warm and sunny Southern California is catching a nice chilly wave of … Continue reading

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Remains of the Day

This past weekend, I really branched out into new territory. My wife and I went exploring Arizona. We had a sever case of indooritis and something drastic had to be done. With our adventuresome friends in the driveway at 6:30am … Continue reading

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