Starting Your Own Veggie Garden

Starting Your Own Veggie Garden

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If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own veggies, here’s your chance to learn how – and do it right from the palm of your hand, or your lap!  From the tools you’ll need, to setting up a watering system, to picking the fruits of your labor, this ebook is loaded with pictures and easy to follow instructions to help you figure it all out and get things going.

In this book, Vynnie shows you:

> What makes a good garden location
> Why soil building is so important
> What’s the best type of watering system
> How to select your veggies and how to plant them properly

And it doesn’t just stop there.  Included is a section with 5 bonus tips to help you avoid many of the challenges with veggie garden.  With over 100 pages of good garden dirt, this ebook is ideal to use on a tablet device, smart phone, or your computer.  And for all my low-tech high-touch peeps, it’s even in a nice, printable format.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned green thumb, there are lots of great tips and real garden examples inside to get you inspired to start your own veggie garden.

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