Composting – Quick & Easy

Ever wanted to compost but not sure of how to start?  You might be surprised to know you may already be composting.

Got a bag of lawn clippings?  Done!  You’re composting!  You don’t need a fancy bin-spiny-thingy, just a big ol’ bag of mower stuff.

Sweaty bag of goodness!

Sweaty bag of goodness!

Then, all ya do is poke a bunch of holes in the bag.  Roll it over and poke some more.  Now just let nature do the rest.

Your lawn clippings (this time of the year) will like be a collection of green grass (or weeds) and brown leaves.  This is a perfect mix of nitrogen (green stuff) and carbon (brown stuff).  Poking holes in the bag will provide a good bit of air (oxygen), and the plastic bag generates condensation (moisture).

About once or twice a week, all you have to do is go flip the bag over.  This keeps all the stuff mixing up.  Want speed things along, just flip the bag more often.  In about 1-2 months you’ll have usable compost.

What’s that you say? “But I don’t have a lawn.”

Drive around your block, and I’m sure you’ll see something like this!

Free Stuff!

Free Stuff!

And if you have the space, you can just start a pile for compost or get a nice bin from your local municipality. Here in Phoenix, you can get one for only $5.

In some cities they’re even free.  So there’s no reason not to compost. So give it try and see how you like it.  Happy gardening!

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1 Response to Composting – Quick & Easy

  1. I heard someone call these SPB’s (Stupid People Bags)…kinda mean, but true I guess. Also, after taking your Garden Design class yesterday, I called the City of Glendale and yes, they will send me a compost bin for free. The number to request that is: (623) 930-2660, just fyi so you can pass it along. See you on Saturday for Garden Design Part III

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