Cold. REALLY Cold.

Waaah!  I know, we don’t see ‘real’ cold here in Phoenix.  But for us cactus, tomato, and pepper growing types, it’s fah-reezing!  And it’s gonna get colder.

Photo Jan 09, 11 18 18 AM

Even warm and sunny Southern California is catching a nice chilly wave of real winter.

Sunny (and cold!) southern California.

Snow capped San Gabriel mountains above Pasadena.

So get into the garden and get your plants protected.  Not just the veggies and herbs, but also the hibiscus, justicia, ficus, even agave!  And move all those poinsettia and geraniums under the patio or into the garage over night.

Sorta happy cozy plants at Xericopia.  Brrr!

Just took down the Christmas lights, and just put ’em into the garden!

See more tips for protecting your plants in my previous post.

Happy Gardening!

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