What To Do Wednesday – Homemade Style

Time to try a little homemade goodness.
OK, I know whippin’ up stuff in the kitchen is no big deal when it comes to homemade goodness.  But chai is a pretty big step for me.  Well, rather, my wife. I happen to L-uh-uhvvvv chai.  Especially in my morning coffee…and at elevenses…and late night with whip (Kinda any time I can, I’ll enjoy me some chai).  I go through cartons of the stuff.  Which means, cartons from the stuff end up in the garbage (not the recycle, and unfortunately, not the compost).  So making homemade chai is a landmark for us.

Had all the fixings already in the cupboard.

Even in the garden, like in the kitchen, it’s a pretty common practice to make up my own homemade concoctions.  Usually control measures of herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.  One key reason why I grow a variety of herbs all year-round.  But beyond the garden and the kitchen, there are so many household sundries that can be made at home instead of purchasing, and having to deal with packaging disposal, or heaven forbid, a discontinued product.

Just like Gramma used to do…

So far we’ve made our own mouthwash, which I’m SO happy about because I hate the taste of mint in dentifrices.  We’re still honing the mosquito repellent, trying to make it last longer and work throughout the season (it seems to vary with effectiveness – or at least the mosquitoes do).  And for months we’ve been making our own delicious anti-bacterial ointment (yep, neosporin).  It’s delicious because it’s just organic raw honey and cinnamon (I call it honey-sporin).  You leave it on for about 10minutes and then you can lick it off – best tasting band-aid ever.  Apply this paste to a cut twice a day for about 3days (do it for 10days and you won’t even notice the scar anymore!).
Next up will be an attempt at cinnamon toothpaste, and then my own custom ‘essence of man’.  It’s a variation on the mosquito spray, since I love that herbal-planty-gardeny smell so much.
You got any homemade mixin’s of your own?  If not, try your hand at something new.  You’d be surprised how easy it can be and how much money you’ll save.  Not to mention, how good you’ll feel not loading up the garbage or the recycle with all those product packages.
Enjoy! (I am!)

and homemade whip, of course.

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1 Response to What To Do Wednesday – Homemade Style

  1. Eric says:

    Well done! V has been making our mosquito spray for years and it works awesomely – I know that there is lavender in it, beyond that, no clue. Also, we’ve been making our home cleaning products (those that we don’t get from Truce!) for a while now, too, and they work amazingly well, too. A little vinegar goes a long way! Cheers

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