Friday Feature – Community Gardens

Friday means it’s the weekend!  And the weekend means getting outside.
With Fall in full swing, gardens are certainly the feature.  One of my favorite things this time of the year is visiting community gardens.  Better yet, volunteering at a community garden.  It’s a great way to meet neighbors, make new friends, and do something fun with your weekend.

Time to help with the harvest!

But really, the best is all the great things to discover.  What’s growing right now.  What’s all done after the summer.  What’s ready for harvest.  What you thought you couldn’t grow.  Ways to build a raised bed.  How to water the garden.  The ideas are endless!

Metal troughs as herb planter.  Makes for easy pickings.

Cinder blocks for raised beds. Cheap and sturdy.

Ornamental kale. So pretty, and sooo tasty!

Old plastic lattice – weed block or square inch gardening?

Soda bottle border. Chug it – Plant it.  Ahhhhh.

Don’t know where to find a community garden near you?  Check out these great resources to find the ones in your area:

Stop and smell the funshine!

Even if you can’t find a community garden, you can look for demonstration gardens, botanical gardens, arboretums, and neighborhood garden tours.  Fall is the bountiful season and gardens are the main attraction.  So get out, explore, and get connected to your community!

Growing big fun!

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