Friday Feature – Food!

Yes, its time to talk about food.  Well, it’s always a good time to talk about food.  But I mean real food.
Fall is a wonderful season for food. This is the one season characterized by food, with the harvest basket.  But have you ever seen real food in a real harvest basket?  What do you know about your food?  The food in you community?  The food in your fridge?  The food on your plate?  A great way to find out all that and more is on Food Day. What’s that, you ask?
National Food Day on Wednesday 10/24 is a celebration of food that is healthy, sustainable, affordable, and fair.  You can learn about where food comes from in your city.  Meet local farmers and vendors.  Connect with neighbors and make new friends.  I plan on attending 2 events in my town.  One at Phoenix City Hall and the other in my neighborhood at the Central Farmers Market.  I’m especially looking forward to seeing what  Truck Farm has planted (@TruckFarmPHX)!  What are your plans for Food Day?  Check out the website and plug in your zip code to learn more about what’s happening in your area.
If Food Day has you excited and jazzed to get involved, check out National Make A Difference Day on Saturday 10/27.   It You can find a community garden or a local food bank to volunteer with or provide a donate.  Click on the ‘Project Search’ or the ‘National Map’ to find events taking place in your area.
I’ll be busy teaching gardening clinics at Growing Together Community Garden doing my part.  How about you?  Get out and do something fun and edifying in your community!

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