Top 10 Signs Summer Is Over!

Even though the official start of fall is still a week away, here in Phoenix we’re already celebrating the end of summer.  Here are my top ten signs that summer is finally over:

#10 – We cheer that it will only be 98* degrees today!

Relief! Sweet [Temporary] Relief!

#9 – It rained twice in one week!

Frank catching raindrops.

#8 – It’s September for goodness sake!
#7 – Kids are back in school (and the bus zones are in full effect).
#6 – The mosquitoes have arrived (yikes).

aaargh! Me Dunks will get the best of ye’skitters!

#5 – My A/C stopped running for a whole 30 minutes!
#4 – Tomatoes and bell peppers are flowering!

California Wonder’s wonderful blooms.

#3 – The carpenter bees are back in the garden!
#2 – I’m not dying to go to Flagstaff for the day!
#1 – I’m outside planting!!!!

Yipeeee! Dirt!

About Vynnie McDaniels

Better Living Through Gardening
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