Groundhogs Day…

Last weekend’s adventure was so edifying, we decided on a repeat. This time not so early, we were road bound. Cloudy skies of Phoenix behind us, sunny blue skies lay in our northern sights. We were instantly halted to the roadside by a golden sea of wildflowers.


Arizona wildflowers – like no other.

Breezing straight through downtown Flagstaff, we made way to the trails.  This time, our Toyota Tacoma made easy work of the terrain.  Along the SR180, we took the forestry road 151, which lies between mile markers 225-226, right side (north/east) of the road if you’re headed north. (This road is not for the faint of heart, or the delicate of suspension.)



The trek on foot began and opened into a world of amazing nature.


Great aspens and great sky.

Though the great aspens and pines reaching toward the vast blue sky could not be ignored, I was completely mesmerized at the forest floor – mushrooms! These little guys popped up everywhere with all kinds of shapes and forms and in all sorts of places.



With our spirits full of bliss, our lungs full of fresh air, our stomachs were full of grumblings. Time to find some good eats! We arrived back to downtown Flagstaff just in time to see the Route66 Classic Car Show in exodus.

We enjoyed a parade of awesomeness from our cozy spot on the patio of Cuvee’ Cafe Wine Bar. (we just couldn’t resist a return visit)


Cuvee’ Wine Bar & Cafe. Say no more.

This time we actually ate dinner, which was awesome! I have to brag about the rosemary turmeric potatoes. If you ever go, try the savory French Toast! (sorry, no pics, I ate it too fast)



Not to be outdone by the cars, the present canine population continued their procession along the sidewalk.  But they all made sure to let the ether know they were there, by ‘checking in’ at the Dog Facebook ‘Post’.


If dogs could speak, would they call it AssBook?

Dinner done and sun setting, we strolled about town exploring a few quaint local shops.


Keep Flagstaff…interesting!

One final treat for the road trip home, one final stop at the Late for the Train Coffee Shop.


Dirt Chai, coming up…

A fun time was had by all (…two of us).

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1 Response to Groundhogs Day…

  1. Robin says:

    I had so much fun! We must go again very soon 😉

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