Remains of the Day

This past weekend, I really branched out into new territory. My wife and I went exploring Arizona. We had a sever case of indooritis and something drastic had to be done. With our adventuresome friends in the driveway at 6:30am Saturday morning, we hit the road for cooler climes. In our 19 years living in the Valley of the Sun, this would only be our 3rd trip to Flagstaff (I know, pretty sad). This time we were determined to learn the lay of the land with our trusty seasoned tour guides.

Macy’s crew whippin’ and zippin’ up my dirt soy chai.

Only 2 1/2 hours north of Phoenix, we made our first stop at the incredibly popular Macy’s Coffee House. The line was out the door and the selection was across the wall – two walls.

I think I’ll just have the waffles…

Strategery for the day….

Once we got our coffee and eats, the day was already shaping up in the ‘ideal’ column. The temperature hovered below 70* and there was nothing but nature and bliss to soak in.

I could have stayed right here for hours watching the train and the clouds and the not-hot.

Alas, we began our trek into mild wilderness and serenity. It seemed, our objective was simply to seek out places to sit, to breath in the fresh air and listen to the looming storms.

An enticing path at the Flagstaff Arboretum.

We even found a great little bench at the Flagstaff Arboretum to wait out a passing storm, and I got to stare at amazing wildflowers (and later snag a few seed heads, of course).

Coreopsis and echinacea. I could sit here all day.

We made our way back into town for bite of local fare, and found a jewel of a spot, at Cuvee’ wine bar cafe. We ate desserts and dodged a bit more rain.

Happy Hobbs glad he’s not getting wet.

And then there was more rain.

But finally, we explored a few trails from the car, making an occasional pitstop to stretch our legs and take in the incredible fresh air.  I spent my little break nosing around in the wild flora in search of the perfect reminder of the days travels.

My bouquet of micro wildflowers. Remains of a very good day.

Welcome to my new website.  I hope my blog will provide lots of inspiration for your own adventures.  I’ll have lots more travels, garden tales, and kitchen titbits to share. Thanks for checking me out!

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